SWHS Students of the Month

Students of the Month

At South Windsor High school, our mission is to cultivate intellectual growth, global citizenship, and personal wellness among our students. Success in school comes in many forms, and the goal of the Student of the Month program is to recognize those who show their strengths not only academically, but also through cooperation, leadership, kindness, community involvement, respect of diversity, resilience, and outstanding attitude. Faculty and staff nominate students and a committee of teachers select those who exemplify our expectations for student learning and embody our mission.

 September 2018                                                        
9th Grade  Pranav Ramesh and Maria Galley
10th Grade Ashna Prakash and Nahzyr Hughes
11th Grade           Asha Nahar and Acquil Williams
12th Grade                 Allie Fielding and Ari Cohen                                                                                         

May 2018                                                                                 
9th Grade   Borsha Sarker and Justin Senh 
10th Grade  Valeria Estrada-Corredor and Aicha Ly
11th Grade            Ryan Brown and Haneen Fiazuddin
12th Grade                  Emma Luxembourg and Connor Gerrity                                                                        

April 2018 
9th Grade   Jadyn Freeman, Jaiden Libow   
10th Grade  Felipe Cortes, Ryan Seder             
11th Grade            Khalsie Harris, Josh Lanteri                                                                  
12th Grade  Larayne Smith, Eugenia Yi

March 2018
9th Grade   Christine Kang, Emma Sansom
10th Grade  Ananya Srivatsav, Cooper Castellone 
11th Grade  Kyle Rondinone, Rachell Taylor
12th Grade  Caroline de Oliveira, Nathan Grivers              

February 2018
9th Grade   Aidan Kieft, Muskan Ghetiya
10th Grade  Samantha Ostrowski, Rafia Rizwan
11th Grade  Sami Kasheta, Kaleb Taylor
12th Grade  Zachary Mahan, Ashlee Fife                        

January 2018
9th Grade   Lindsey Tortora, Alex Viar
10th Grade  Sharlene Benitez, Edwin Dominguez
11th Grade  Katelyn Macomber, Connor O'Meara
12th Grade  Isabella Dos Reis, Taylor Kerce, Karan Patel

9th Grade   
10th Grade  
11th Grade  
12th Grade  

9th Grade   
10th Grade  
11th Grade  
12th Grade