South Windsor Dollars for Scholars

South Windsor Dollars for Scholars
Posted on 01/22/2020

The South Windsor Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Program online application portal is now open and will close on March 15, 2020. This program offers approximately $75,000 in numerous scholarship opportunities for South Windsor High School students via a very user-friendly system.

The application is available through the Dollars For Scholars portal:  
click here
The homepage of the scholarship portal provides many important tips, hints, and requirements.
 Please read this section carefully before beginning your application.

IMPORTANT: SWHS students must address their requests for "transcript" and "references" to the Counseling Secretaries listed below (not to the individual counselor):

Students assigned to Mr. Wry, Ms. Brown-Quinn, Mr. Briggs, or Mr. Peters, should list Ms. Margie Smith as their "school official" and "reference" using

Students assigned to Mr. Leon, Ms. Giordano, or Mrs. Wlodarczyk should list Mrs. Kathy Rizzo as their "school official" and "reference" using

SWHS School Counseling will offer workshops in the Career Center to assist students. Workshops will be held on Tuesday, January 28th and Wednesday, January 29th from 1:00 p.m. (for students with Study Hall or Early Release) to 2:45 p.m.

Reach out to the School Counseling office or Career Center if you need assistance with your application. Mrs. Carty is available to help students on a walk-in, no reservations basis. 

Good Luck!