8-Period Class Schedules

2020-2021 Hybrid Class Schedule

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New Bell Schedule

Returning SWHS students and families will notice that the bell schedule looks different from the past. SWHS will be utilizing a “block schedule” for the 2020-21 school year for a couple of reasons - this maximizes safety by reducing the number of passing times and it will allow students and staff to better transition to a full distance-learning model for all students (if that were to become necessary). To begin the school year, the first four days of school will be considered “A” days, and for the second week of school, all days will be considered “B” days. Students who have an A/B schedule for one or more of their periods will receive further direction on this topic during their first week of school.
Students in the hybrid option will be placed in one of two “cohorts” according to last name (students with last name A - K will be in the Maroon Cohort, students with last name L - Z will be in the Gold Cohort). When one cohort attends school in-person, the other cohort will be “attending” classes virtually and vice versa. In this format, students will participate in two days of in-person instruction and three days of distance-learning per week.

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bell schedule