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The “Back to School” cost for the 2021 yearbook is $65 (plus tax). Click here to purchase your yearbook! If you need help, please call Jostens directly (877) 767-5217 during business hours.


Submitting Photos to the Yearbook  *NEW*
A unique year will make for a very unique yearbook, but we need YOUR HELP! We need your pictures and stories, so we can capture this unusual school year. 
The topics that we’re covering right now:
Summertime: how you spent the summer months
The beginning of school/distance learners: heading to SWHS and/or pics from your "home work space"
Fashion in a hybrid schedule: distance learning vs. in-school, and MASKS
SWHS Clubs: participating in a meeting, volunteer work, practicing an instrument, etc.
The Environment: volunteer efforts, causes that most interest you, etc.
Human Interest Stories: overcoming obstacles, your personal achievements outside of school, etc.
Fall sports: individual photo, playing ball, or next to teammates
Favorite professional sports teams

Submit your BEST photos at

Your contact info is required. Parents: email, first and last name; Students: school email, first and last name, and current grade. 
In the “description”, please put the names of the people in the picture, a brief description of the event, who took the picture, when the picture was taken, and your phone number.**

Yearbook Recognition Ad (Personal Congratulations)
Parents/Guardians, please consider purchasing a congratulations ad for your child.
     ⅛ page = $50     
     ¼ page = $100
These ads appear in a special section of the yearbook. Click here to purchase and create an ad. 
If you need help with the ad, please call Jostens at (877) 767-5217 during business hours.


If you have any questions, email the Yearbook Staff at or email the Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Duclos, at