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Buy a Yearbook!
The cost for the 2021 yearbook is $70 (plus tax). Click here to purchase your yearbook! If you need help, please call Jostens directly (877) 767-5217 during business hours.


Submitting Photos to the Yearbook
A unique year will make for a very unique yearbook, but we need YOUR HELP! We need your pictures and stories, so we can capture this unusual school year. 
The topics that we’re covering right now:
SWHS Clubs: participating in a meeting, volunteer work, practicing an instrument, etc.
Human Interest Stories: overcoming obstacles, your personal achievements outside of school, etc.

Students participating in Winter Sports or training for winter sports (girls and boys basketball, gymnastic, dance team, boys and girls indoor track, boys swimming)

Submit your BEST photos at

Your contact info is required. Parents: email, first and last name; Students: school email, first and last name, and current grade. 
In the “description”, please put the names of the people in the picture, a brief description of the event, who took the picture, when the picture was taken, and your phone number.**

Yearbook Recognition Ad (Personal Congratulations)

Parents/Guardians, please consider purchasing a congratulations ad for your child.
     ⅛ page = $50     
     ¼ page = $100
These ads appear in a special section of the yearbook. Click here to purchase and create an ad. 
If you need help with the ad, please call Jostens at (877) 767-5217 during business hours. The deadline to purchase an ad is January 31, 2021.


Brag About Your Kid!
We need your help. We need you to brag about your daughter/son (grades 9-12). A huge part of capturing this school year is to tell the human-interest stories: stories about overcoming obstacles, personal achievements outside of school, volunteer efforts, etc. If you have a GMail account, please click on this link. If you don’t have a GMail, please email the following info to us at with a subject line, “Human Interest Story”
*Your Name (Last, First)
*What’s the best way for us to get in touch with you to follow up on the story?
*Your Daughter's/Son's Name (Last, First)
*A quick overview of the story (we'll get all of the details later on.)
*Please attach a picture (or two) with us that best "tell" the story. The picture needs to be in jpeg format.

If you have any questions, email the Yearbook Staff at or email the Yearbook Advisor, Mr. Duclos, at