Media Center Policies


  • The library is a food free zone.
  • Students are asked to demonstrate respectful behavior by talking quietly and avoiding disruptive behaviors while in the library. 
  • Please leave furniture where it is and/or return it to its place if it has been moved with approval from the library staff. 


Study Halls: 
  • Students who would like to use the library during their study hall must obtain a pass from the library at the beginning of the day or in between passing time. 
  • Student will then bring the pass to their study hall teacher, have the teacher sign the pass, and sign in at the library once they arrive. Students must arrive within 5 minutes after the bell rings. 
  • If the study hall occurs during the lunch period, all students obtaining a pass will go to 4th lunch wave regardless of what lunch wave the study hall attends. 
  • Students who wish to eat lunch, and then come to the library, need to obtain a lunch wave pass from the library in order to leave the cafe. Students must sign in once they arrive. 
  • Students who do not want to go to the cafe during their lunch wave may come to the library. These students DO NOT need a pass. Students must come directly to the library and sign in once they arrive. 


Book Borrowing Policies:
  • Students may check out up to 5 print items for a loan period of 4 weeks (20 school days).
  • Students can renew items as many times as needed as long as they aren't on hold. 
  • Students wishing to renew overdue items must bring them into the library to be renewed.
  • Audio/Visual Equipment may be checked out overnight or as determined by the library staff.
Late/Lost Items:
  • Overdue fines will no longer be charged.
  • Materials that are 30 days or more overdue are considered lost and the student will be charged the replacement cost for the materials.
  • Students will receive an overdue notice reminding them to return the overdue items before they receive a bill.
  • Outstanding debts not paid will be submitted to the office as a financial obligation.
  • If the overdue materials are returned, there will be no cost to the student.
Damaged Items: 
  • Students who have damaged library materials must pay the replacement cost.
  • Students’ library borrowing privileges will be suspended until either the materials are returned or until all library debts are cleared.


  • Students may utilize the MakerSpace and its materials before school, during the school day, and after school as long as it's not being used by a class. 
  • Students are expected to put materials back where they found them, and to clean up their work space before they leave.