Mental Health for Athletes

The Importance of Mental Health within Athletes

What is Mental Health?
Mental health can be defined as a person’s condition in regard to their physiological, mental and emotional well-being.

What does it mean to have good mental health?
Good mental health is having the ability to be able to fulfill daily activities, hobbies and/or routines with pleasure, and not to feel as if it is a struggle to take on daily tasks.

What does poor mental health look like? (what signs to look for)
Major changes in eating habits
Losing interest in hobbies/activities you use to look forward to
Not wanting to get out of bed/low energy
Feeling as if nothing you do is good enough
Constant negative thoughts

Ways in which to cope with poor mental health behaviors
Write down your feelings in a journal
Talk to one of the school psychologists
Do things that benefit your well being: Go for a walk, Exercise, Draw, Talk about your feelings with a family member/friend or someone you trust
Make time for things that make you happy: Listen to music, Spend time with your family/friends, Go outside, Spend time with pets, Relax your mind, Consume your mind with positive thoughts

In need of someone to talk to?
Mental Health Hotline (800) 662-4357
SWHS School Psychologists
SWHS School Counseling