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Naviance is a web-based computer program for delivering post‐secondary planning resources to students, parents, and teachers. It is a vital component to Student Success Planning in grades 9 –12. The ultimate goal of Naviance is to provide more efficient, transparent, and accessible School Counseling services to all students and their families.

All students have the opportunity to utilize their own Naviance accounts which will serve as an electronic “storehouse” for all of their post‐secondary planning materials. All teachers have Naviance accounts which enable them to send/store college letters of recommendation and evaluations electronically in order to be sent to the School Counseling office and to colleges. Finally, all college application materials are submitted via Naviance electronically. Parents are encouraged to create Naviance accounts so they can view their child’s activities/ information, as well as use the many career, college and scholarship search engines and tools that Naviance offers. If you have questions or require assistance please contact 860-648-5003.