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Chromebook Information

9th Grade and New Students: South Windsor High School provides all students with a Chromebook device. Parents/guardians must either purchase insurance or waive insurance. The annual insurance cost is $26 (check payable to SWPS). Please click here for more information and to pay online for insurance. 10th - 12th Grade Returning Students: 10th, 11th and 12th graders MUST renew insurance annuallyInsurance cost is $26 (check payable to SWPS). Please click here to pay online for insurance.
The last day to purchase Chromebook insurance for the 22-23 school year is Friday, September 23, 2022. 
Please click on for payment information. 

For additional Chromebook information, please click

Device issues: not working, broken, damaged or stolen

Please put in a Help Desk ticket for ALL Chromebook assistance.

Not working properly:  Please provide specific details of issue. A loaner may be provided. If the student has insurance, the device will be fixed at no cost. Student will be contacted by the Main Office when the device is fixed.

Broken device or charger
Please provide specific details of issue (screen shots/photos work well). If the student has insurance, a loaner will be issued. Student will be contacted by the Main Office when the device is fixed.

Damaged device or charger: It's ok, accidents happen... and if you have insurance, you are covered. Please provide all details of the accident for the insurance claim (time, date and description of incident). If the student has insurance, a loaner will be issued. Student will be contacted by the Main Office when the device is fixed or replaced. 

Stolen device or charger: Please see Officer Korchari to file a police report. A loaner cannot be issued until a case number and report is filed.

Lost charger: Insurance will not cover lost items. Replacement cost for a charger is $50. Cash or checks payable to SWPS. Please place check in an envelope labeled with student's name and bring to the SWHS Main Office. The student will be contacted when the charger is ready for pick up.

How to Reset Your Password

Students can reset, unlock or change their network/Google password at anytimeFollow the instructions provided. First, the student must enroll into the SSRPM Password Management System by clicking on this link: Once enrolled, the student can reset their password anytime, anywhere with internet access. The student can also change or reset their password on any Chromebook. To reset on a Chromebook - log out, select Apps at the bottom left corner and then Password Manager. This connects directly to the SSRPM system. If a password is reset, the student must update the Wi-Fi settings on their phone by selecting SW Wi-Fi and forget this network. For questions, please contact the Media Center staff.

How to Move Content Out of Your School Google Apps Account

When preparing to leave South Windsor Public Schools, you can take all or some of the work you have produced or stored in Google Apps with you. Shortly after leaving South Windsor High School, your account will be removed and any work not taken will no longer be accessible. Google Takeout provides you two options. Please click on the link(s) below to view instructions based on your need:

Transfer to personal Google Account:

Need to download (no personal Google Account):