Math Resources

>> Common Core State Standards - Mathematics
>> CSDE Mathematics
>> Khan Academy
>> College Board
>> SWHS Math Resource Guide 

  • Glencoe Online Math Books

  • QuickMath and are automatic problem-solving sites that let students enter an expression and get an answer to math problems dealing with polynomial factoring, multiplication, long division, integration and differentiation.
  • The Math Forum @ Drexel’s Ask Dr. Math 
  • Problem Corner offers mathematics problems for high school and college-level students. It is on the Web site of Southwest Missouri State University’s Department of Mathematics. 
  • Aunty Math - an interactive Web site that encourages students K—5 to submit answers and solution strategies that help solve mathematics challenges. 
  • AAA MATH - a nonprofit web site organized by grade level and subject which offers hundreds of math skills exercises, interactive practice and challenge games on every page, and explanations of math topics. 
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Figure This! - offers math challenges, including those listed below, that students can do at home. Each challenge features a description of the relevant math involved, notes on how the math can be used outside the classroom, a hint to getting started, and a Try This section. 
  • Tower of Hanoi - offers an interactive logic puzzle called The Tower of Hanoi, in which kids move a tower of rings from one pole to another without placing a larger ring over a smaller one. As kids increase the number of rings, the puzzle becomes more challenging.