Bereavement Committee

The Memorial Garden at South Windsor High School was designed to honor the memory of students who died while attending South Windsor High School and staff who died while in service at the school. During the summer of 2010, the Garden was installed on the grounds of the high school. Stone pavers with the names of the deceased are included in a walkway which winds through the landscaped area. Three benches offer visitors a place to sit and reflect.

The Memorial Garden project was initiated by the Bereavement Committee at South Windsor High School. The project received funds from town and school organizations as well as from individual donors. Local landscapers donated time and materials to the project. The Garden was dedicated on October 20, 2013 at a special ceremony attended by family and friends of those remembered and students and staff, past and present of South Windsor High School.

Donations in support of the Memorial Garden can be made to “SWHS Bereavement Team” with "Memorial Garden" put in the memo section of the check. Please send contributions to The Bereavement Committee, c/o Heather Brindisi, South Windsor High School, 161 Nevers Road, South Windsor, CT, 06074. Thank you for helping to maintain this place of comfort and remembrance. 



Class Year        
1969 Joseph Boucher   Peggy Karkowski        
1972 David Keefe Lori Ann Zagorski         
1973 Susan Deschene         Lynda Prunier    John Rackliffe        
1974 Diane Marques    
1976 Donald Alleano    
1978 Alan M. Shute Jr.    
1981  Julie Brady Seana Painter Robert E. Lee
1983 Thomas Zbell    
1985  Ian Haber    
1987 Jodi Carrier Paul Smith Julie Veilleux
1988 Matthew Kennedy Maria Antonaras  
1994 Justin Shea Henry Syphers  
2006 Ryan Foley    
2008 Sherry Amico Devin DeRosia  
2015 Hannah Patrie    
2016 Jordi Gomes-Ferres    


1967              Everett Bostrum   Teacher       
1978 Alice Niederwerfer Teacher
1990 Robert J. Freeman       Teacher
1995 Robert Myette Teacher
1995       Geraldine Maillett Teacher
2004 Lynn Wallace Staff
2006 Patricia Landgrebe Staff
2007 Paul Barile Staff
2010  Craig Pepin Athletics
2010 Edward Kennison Athletics
2014 Jimmy Liptak Staff
2020 Alan Beck Staff